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This past weekend I was part of a family outting to the new Meadowlands Stadium (aka Giants/Jets stadium). It is one heck of a nice looking place with its new stadium smell and such. We were there to watch the Navy vs. Notre Dame football game. Wow what a great match up that was! …. well not really. ND got stomped but it was still fun to be there. Here is a little backstory for you. My Fiance attended the university of Notre Dame for her undergraduate degrees and I have been a fan of the schools football team by default since we started dating. Here is the catch. My grandfather and his two brothers all served in the Navy during WWII. Grandpa is still alive and kickin’ around out in California today but my two great uncles both gave their lives in the line of duty. You can imagine now how torn I may have felt in deciding just who to root for.

Well a good time was still had by all. Next years ND vs. Navy match up is going to take place in Dublin, Ireland. Thats a lot better than New Jersey huh?
So… what did you do this weekend?


Must have more time!!!

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Here we are in October already. Mid-terms are breathing down our collective neck and the stresses of student life at QC are building up at a slow but steady rate.

I noticed that over the last couple of weeks my French studies are dominating more and more of my time. I am not majoring in French, nor is it my minor. I am simply trying to satisfy the three semesters of foreign language required of every matriculated student at Queens College. Okay so here is the thing… you can’t cram a new language. You must learn a new language little by little, day by day just like you learned your native language as a small child. Consider now that you didn’t have to learn so much grammar and vocabulary in such a short amount of time as a semester back when you were a wee small kid and you may start to realize as I have why just about all of my spare time needs to be devoted to French. I like French. It is a beautiful sounding language and I am increasingly happy at how much I enjoy it. The problem is that I feel that I am being forced to neglect my other courses of study. My study time with core curriculum classes is almost non-existent! The very classes that are supposed to be preparing me for my chosen career as a music teacher are being pushed to the back burner by this side bar requirement of the college.
I want to know if you are experiencing a similar situation. Is there a required class you are in that you feel is causing your coursework in your chosen field of study to suffer?


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